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Inactivity can lead to depression

According to a recent analysis done by a group of Chinese researchers, there are many forms of inactivity that may increase the risk of suffering from depression.

The study brought together various research conducted on thousands of volunteers. The group of researchers from the Medical College of Shangong Qingde University has shown that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of depression by 25%, compared to an active lifestyle.

The research has some limitations, but the results lead to one conclusion: physical activity is a solution for preventing depression.

"Although it was a depth research about a relatively new field, there are still a number of unanswered questions," said Megan Teychenne from Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.

One of the unanswered questions is related to the cause and effect. It is not clear whether depressed people are more prone to sedentary behavior and sedentary behavior increases the risk of depression.

The research was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the combined results obtained from the analysis of 193 166 participants in 24 other previous studies. The data collected showed that people with sedentary behavior are 25% more likely to suffer from depression.

The study also showed differences regarding the preferred type of inactivity. For example, people who prefer to watch television are 13% more likely to depression, while people that spend more time at the computer have a 22% higher risk.