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Manchester Central Library

Manchester Central Library is made up of several subject libraries: Science and Humanities, General Readers', Language and Literature, Arts, Archives and Local Studies, Henry Watson Music Library, Visual Impaired Peoples' Unit, Networks Centre, Commercial and Chinese.

These departments have grown and changed over time to reflect the needs of the public they serve. This is one of the largest and monument library in Manchester.

The Royal Exchange was opened in 1919 and was transferred into the new Central Library in 1934 after the transformation.

The library contains up-to-date business-related information including one of the largest collections of market research and statistical resources.

The library's holds rare collection of books and also special collections include all kinds of treasures, from our earliest book dating from the 13th century to17th century. The library has a large collection of historic books which relates to British social and economic.

The most famous Manchester Libraries collection is the 16,700 items donated by Dr Henry Watson in 1902. It became the first subject department in 1911, the Watson Music Library and it has been growing ever since.

Manchester Local Studies Library also holds a enormous collection of printed material about the City of Manchester and its region. Manchester City Archives holds hundreds of collections of records - official, legal, religious, political, personal relating to Manchester 's past.

The library is currently closed for refurbishment till 2014. A three year project which needs to be renovated and refurbished with modernized facilities. The re-opening ceremony will be very much awaited to experience the refurbished library, which leaves many wonder what the library has to offer.