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The benefits of grapes, 'the stars' of autumn

Grapes can be eaten in various forms and have many benefits for our body.

Whatever type of grapes you choose, the colour or the form in which these fruits are available: fresh, jelly, jam, juice, wine or raisins, the star fruits of autumn are beneficial for health. They have a history of over 8,000 years and are contributing in different aspects of our health: the prevention of cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Grapes have a high level of water that is good for hydration, while bringing a significant contribution to the nutritive value. They provide a large amount of essential nutrients, with a low amount of calories. These fruits contain antioxidants important for healthy eyes and skin and red grapes contain an antioxidant known to protect against many chronic diseases.

Some of the antioxidants contained by grapes known as polyphenols are believed to slow the different types of cancer, such as lung, esophagus, mouth, pancreas, prostate and colon cancer. The high content of polyphenols may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing blood pressure through inflammatory mechanisms.

Heart health is helped by fiber and potassium contained in grapes. Higher intakes of potassium are an important element in a diet preventing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Potassium in larger quantities protects against the loss of muscle mass, bone mineral density in storage and decreases the risk of kidney stones or the occurrence of a heart attack.

Also, it is believed that due to anti-inflammatory effects of quercetin, grape consumption can alleviate allergy symptoms.